From Desk of Chairman and Managing Trustee

Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

We have already entered into the age of supersonic world around us. We must, therefore will have to THINK in a BIG manner. The idea will need to be acted upon and mere philosophical lectures and debates will not help us in showing and grooming our CHILDREN to the NEEDED DIRECTION. Oshwal Education Trust has always been vying for something absolute at all level and the most important of it is to work and ACT on what new IDEAS forces us to do.

Oshwal Education Trust has come up with A Futuristic CBSE School from the Academic Year 2014-2015. This, in very near future will be a Comprehensive School where Concept of Learning will have a GLOBAL IMPACT and learners will have all that they are vying for. We want you to have your inquiries on the floor as how shall we have our LEARNING METHODOLOGIES shaped up and how well shall we have our School Climate defined.

We shall have a programme that will relocate the LEARNING OUTCOME reaching to its actual heights. The intension of the school, in other words, is to awaken the intelligence and the generosity of spirit in LEARNERS so that they are able to meet an increasingly complex world without losing their humanity. The cultivation of a GLOBAL OUTLOOK, a love of nature and concern for mankind are all part of our Educational Aims. More specific goals of the educational philosophy of “OUR SCHOOL” are:-
  • To educate LEARNERS so that they are able to explore the world and their inner being.

  • To inculcate love for nature and respect for all forms of life.

  • To create an atmosphere of affection, order and freedom without either fear or imposition.

  • Not to condition the LEARNER in any particular belief, either religious, political or social, so that their minds may remain free to ask FUNDAMENTAL QUESTIONS, enquire and learn.

  • Our School is going to be based on the manual of good practices, teachers will attempt to create an atmosphere of Space, Freedom, Care and Security in which learners will be helped to enlarge their horizon and grow.

  • The School is concerned with developing the individual talent and intelligence of each learner.

  • We feel that it is important for parents to be aware equally of their children’s talents as well as limitations, and allow them to develop in their own way and manner and not on the basis of Predetermined Expectations.

  • Learning through Sustainable Thinking is the way of life now. We need to work on the system permits you to go beyond the imagination of one’s mind. The school leaders will enable this happens in school as the regular course of input or to have the responsibility taken for the successions of relevant creativity.

  • It is the context of 21st century schooling where EVERY CHILD MATTERS with all its LOGICAL, SOCIAL, PERSONAL, INTELLECTUAL & ENVIRONMENTAL disciplines with responsible involvement of doing things RIGHT. It is to imbibe the capacity to develop and implement THE ORIGINAL THINKING that happens to be the actual course of SCHOOL CURRICULAM AND PARTICIPATION POLICY.

Simply, the Global….Learning Center

Shri Kantilal.L.Haria

Shri Ramniklal.K.Shah
Managing Trustee