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Vision Mission

Our ambition for every child an education that prepares them for Challenges of the 21st century.

  • We want every child to succeed, and we will never give up on any child. These convictions underpin our vision to make this the best place in the world to grow up. Ensuring every child enjoys their childhood, does well at school and turns 18 with the knowledge, skills and qualifications that will give them the best chance of success in adult life is not only right for each individual child and family, it is also what we must do to secure the future success of our country and society.

  • However, we also face new challenges. The demand for higher skills, including key skills in science, technology and mathematics, continues to rise. Projections of the future skills needs of our economy when today’s young people are adults show that there will be very few jobs available for people with low or no skills, and the current global economic downturn makes it even clearer that everyone needs good qualifications and skills. Tackling global environmental change will require enormous creativity and adaptability

Making Learning Visible

In this era of globalization, our ability to learn and function as part of diverse groups is essential to our capacity to survive and thrive. Yet almost all assessment and most aspects of instruction in schools focus on promoting individual performance and achievement. You will investigate the power of the group as a learning environment, and documentation as a way to shape, extend, and make visible how and what we learn.

“Visible learning” is a ground-breaking concept. It establishes that learning must be seen and obvious, not assumed. Let us understand this concept using height as an example. When establishing a change or difference, it’s not enough to see the difference in height between one person who is 5’3” and another who is 5’4”. Instead, a more obvious visible difference, like between a person who is 5’5” and one who is is 6” tall, is a better teacher of height difference. It’s exciting to think that with some scaffolding, and the intentional use of specific strategies and assessment, you will be able to identify exactly what part of the teaching process worked, and student learning will be visible.